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(: My name is Allisson I'm from PERU I'm 16 years old. c: I'm a ordinary girl, I love the music, I dance hip hop, I laugh at all, really bitch lol, I'm obsessed with Bruno Mars, Adele is gorgeous my gosh, I love One Direction, they're amazing & so beautiful aw perfect. I love Gaga she's crazy. I thinks i'm little sweet idk xd. My role model is: Miley Ray Cyrus♔ her voice, her beauty, her perfection, her body. she's my goddess. well i'm Smiler , Lovatic, Jonatic ❤ & BELIEBER.® I guess Selena Fan too :3 lol maybe...I support Jelena ➸ They're so cute (: Justin Bieber is my inspiration, my hero, my prince charming, He's the guy most beautiful & perfect on the world wide.♥ ♛ Jonas Brothers my best band. my life, Demi Lovato ♡ is my strong, my second role model, I met her April 17 :') her concert was INCREDIBLE :') ... I'm who I am. My phrase: Just smile Nobody's perfect, We're human ;) Best days 30/10/10 - 01/05/11 - 17/10/11 - 17/04/12 #Radiatelove So call me maybe ;)
ι wαs ʙoʀɴ τo ʙɛ α ʙɛℓιɛʙɛʀ. Never Say Never, A little bit longer and I'll be fine, stay strong , If you ask me I will stay ;)
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